Xtreme performance clutch kits & components KNI23002-1A SUITS MITS DELICA 2.5L

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Xtreme Performance Clutch Kit - Clutch kits for everything from mild street builds to world-class time attack cars

If you're after a clutch kit for your high horsepower build, look no further than Xtreme Performance Clutch. With over 20 years experience manufacturing and extensive in-house testing, Xtreme Performance Clutch offers performance clutch kit solutions for street performance and motorsport applications. The Xtreme Performance Clutch Range is designed for all the abuse, torque and shock-loading of motorsport applications to keep power going to the wheels all the way through the rev-range. Xtreme Performance Heavy Duty Clutch Kit solutions are designed and developed in-house with extensive material and disc design testing to offer attention to detail in the driving experience of your vehicle on the street or track. Xtreme Performance Clutches are used and trusted by racing teams and drivers from around the world in circuit, drift, rally, drag or even street applications meeting or exceeding application requirements for performance, wear and drivability across the board. Depending on how much power your beast is making and how you drive the car, Xtreme Performance Clutches are offered in varying levels of seriousness as listed below:

  • Stage 1 - Organic - Recommended for lightly modified street cars. Available in 4 different configurations, Xtreme Performance Organic clutches offer a notable increase in in performance and torque capacity, however they still retain great drivability for daily driving and comfortable street use.
  • Stage 2 - Ceramic - Recommended for motorsport applications. Xtreme Performance Stage 2 kits are available with spring / sprung cushioned ceramic friction plates and are designed specifically for motorsport applications where increased levels of heat resistance and torque capacity are required. These clutches are also suitable for occasional road use if you're keen to build some muscle in the left leg.
  • Stage 2R - Race Ceramic - Recommended for motorsport applications. The stage 2R kits feature a sprung ceramic friction disc with even more clamping force than the than stage 2 kit which makes them suitable for even higher torque applications. These are recommended for motorsport applications only.
  • Stage 3 - Carbon - Recommended for motorsport applications requiring extreme heat resistance. Xtreme Clutch Stage 3 kits utilize a carbon friction disc which is incredibly resistant to high levels of heat in the driveline. These kits are recommended for motorsport use only.
  • Multi-Plate - Recommended for extremely high horsepower street and motorsport applications. With twin and triple plate options tailored to very high-performance street builds and even quad-plate racing kits for 1000+ HP time attack cars, Xtreme Performance Clutch have a multi-plate solution to suit your build


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