Our Services

iBuyAuction is an Australian owned and operated company providing our clients with the best possible sale solutions for all their products.

We provide stock solutions across Australia to a wide variety of leading organisations, Insurance Companies, Transport & Storage Facilities, Loss Adjusters, Accountants, Finance Companies & Banks.

We regularly handle items such as: Bathroom products and accessories, clothing and fashion accessories, household and estate furniture, toys, games, software, carpet, timber, floor coverings, home appliances and electrical, wine and spirits, computers & office equipment.

Process for Clearing Stock

Inspection & valuation of stock
Involves an initial inspection of the stock/goods with an indication given to the client of what return they may expect when the goods are sold.

How to best clear the items?
Depending on the quantity of stock to be sold, there are a number of options available. This may vary/range from Sale By Auction, Immediate Stock Purchase, Tender or Private Treaty. 

Removal of assets
When the final sales process is decided, iBuyAuction coordinates the removal of stock to the appropriate clearance location. 

Too much to move?
iBuyAuction also conducts live on-site Auctions at the Vendor’s premises. This may occur when the volume of stock is too large to clear and the cost of removal may be greater than the return, or not viable.


Vendor Sale Clearances: We also provide solutions on how to move products for vendors through quick marketing campaigns via their own sales channels.

Insurance Claims: We can assist in situations of Insurance claims where a loss in stock may have resulted from fire, water damage or other. We can also provide solutions in situations where an under insured company or persons may be left with surplus (non-saleable) stock.

Ongoing Sales: iBuyAuction helps companies establish an ongoing marketplace for the continual sale of surplus, refurbished and distressed stocks. Once a product is identified as a problem or slow moving, we can find a buyer or set up a sales channel rather than have the stock depreciate in a warehouse.

Discreet Stock Solutions: If a company is concerned about protecting its name in the market place or has a sensitive sales matter, whatever their needs we can tailor a solution to suit their individual requirements.

Traditional Auctions: We conduct traditional auctions at various premises on behalf of our vendors. The scheduling of regular weekend auctions allows members of the general public to attend and participate in auction sales, which they would otherwise not be able to do. The general public is now more than ever looking for ways in which to purchase quality goods at bargain prices. Traditional auctions are precisely the way to achieve this.

iBuyAuction Valuations

Specialist Valuers For the purposes of
  • Retail & Importers Stock
  • Hardware, Power Tools, Machinery
  • Household Furniture
  • Clothing, Shoes & Fashion Accessories
  • Industrial Plant & Machinery
  • Electrical Items & Appliances
  • Computers & Office Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Stock Buyouts
  • Company Closures
  • Financial
  • Relocation
  • Asset Management